Why Volunteer? 5 Reasons to start volunteering


Have you ever thought about why people volunteer? Here you can find five answers!

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Have you ever asked yourself why people volunteer?

Whatever background you come from or whatever skill set you possess,there is without doubt a list of benefits for volunteering.

How many times have you found a job advert read “must have work experience” in the description and think, how can I have experience when I have only just finished my degree? Similarly, how many times have you thought you would like to develop skills and gain experience in a different area?

Volunteering benefits range well beyond enhancing each individual’s CV, for volunteering can boast a greater impact on the individual’s health and well being as well as that of the community around them. If you have contemplated getting involved, maybe this blog post and these reasons will be that inspiration you need. You never know, it could change your life forever.

work experience

  1. Work Experience and skills development

In the current job market…

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Janina wrote a review!

Our volunteer Janina from Switzerland, who had worked at Pippi House few weeks ago, wrote a review about her experience with Projects Overland. We thank her for the kind words!

WOW – I had an absolutely amazing time in an absolutely beautiful country, Tanzania, and will never forget my time with the people I met there. I like to recommend to everyone, who likes to help children and women, who don’t have the possibility to go to school, have parents, a family or just a save home. So please, don’t hesitate and open your mind to travel to Africa and make an unforgettable experience for your life. It was wonderful to work with all those beautiful people, who were so grateful to me and wanted to show me a new culture, a different life-style and just to make me feel like home. I will miss you and I will never forget this time. Thank you very much, asante sana, vielen dank!!!

Our Arusha Volunteer Hostel

You don’t want to stay in a host family, but prefer living with other volunteers? No problem! We have a volunteer hostel in Arusha, which is close to our office and has good security. The house is divided into two apartments for five to ten volunteers each. It has a small, very green garden where you can relax and enjoy the Tanzanian sunshine. Inside there is a living room where you can sit together and watch TV or talk about your experiences, a kitchen with all important utensils, and of course bed- and bathrooms.

It is always two to four people per room. The beds have a mosquito net to protect you from insects and you have a small shelf and wardrobe for your personal stuff. The two bathrooms are both spacious and have a shower / bath tub, a mirror, toilet and a shelf for towels etc. The area around is really safe and you walk only few minutes to the main road where you find the dala dala (small mini bus) stop to the city center and other directions. There are also some nice restaurants and small supermarkets in a walking distance. Plus our office! So if you have problems or questions, you can come to consult us anytime. But there is also someone at the hostel who takes care for you, cleans the house and gives her best to make you feel home.

See photos on our website: http://www.projectsoverland.org/volunteer-hostel

Tanzania – Ngorongoro Crater


We always recommend our volunteers to also get to know Tanzania as tourists!
We can help them to find a cheap, but high quality safari.
Our country is so amazing!

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During the dusty dry season this vast natural amphitheatre, Africa’s Garden of Eden, offers breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife.

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It’s hard to say goodbye!

Today it was Janina’s last day with us! She is going to spend some few days in Zanzibar now before she goes back to Switzerland.
It was a great time with her and she also enjoyed volunteering at Pippi House. We will miss her a lot!


And another goodbye! Chris, one of our Swahili students, is leaving Tanzania. Her Swahili is perfect now and we hope to see her again next year :-)


Our volunteer Alex left last week – back to the US. He was absolutely happy about his internship at the African Court and we already miss him!



Mount Meru Waterfalls

On Saturday we were hiking to the Mount Meru waterfalls!
We? That were our volunteers Alex and Janina, Projects Overland staff member Katharina and our guide Nico.
It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed a lot.


View over Arusha


Our volunteer Alex and Janina (left and right) with guide Nico in the middle


IMG_0554IMG_0532 Mount Meru waterfall