Arriving in Tanzania

Project Overland has created a volunteer manual that will be sent to every volunteer who registers with us. The manual explains just about everything you will need to know, have and do to prepare for your volunteer experience. It very likely answers questions you had not even thought to ask! You will be given information about what to bring, details of what to expect, how to handle difficult situations, ideas for your time off and so much more. It is our goal that you will be as prepared for this adventure as possible so that you can get to truly experience the precious time that you are sharing with us.


Our Project Overland staff will be waiting at the airport for your arrival. Arriving in any new place, for the first time, provides so many new sensations that it can be challenging to acclimatize, for a short time. It is likely that your home country is located at a different altitude, with a different climate, not to mention the differences that a developing country might offer; such as new sights, smells, sounds and culture. Our staff will be with you as you adjust to all that is new so that you can quickly appreciate the gifts of this experience. You will be shown to your new home and introduced to those people that you will be living with during your stay. We will show you how to get around, how to get to your placement, and introduce you to the hearts that have been waiting for your arrival. We look forward to meeting you!

kili airport


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