Why Volunteer? 5 Reasons to start volunteering

Have you ever thought about why people volunteer? Here you can find five answers!

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Have you ever asked yourself why people volunteer?

Whatever background you come from or whatever skill set you possess,there is without doubt a list of benefits for volunteering.

How many times have you found a job advert read “must have work experience” in the description and think, how can I have experience when I have only just finished my degree? Similarly, how many times have you thought you would like to develop skills and gain experience in a different area?

Volunteering benefits range well beyond enhancing each individual’s CV, for volunteering can boast a greater impact on the individual’s health and well being as well as that of the community around them. If you have contemplated getting involved, maybe this blog post and these reasons will be that inspiration you need. You never know, it could change your life forever.

work experience

  1. Work Experience and skills development

In the current job market…

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