About Us

Projects Overland is a volunteer organization operated through the Anglican Church of Tanzania, under the constitution of the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was created by native Tanzanian residents in response to the great needs of grassroots projects established to support impoverished people in their community. By offering safe and affordable volunteer accommodations and support, Projects Overland strives to contribute to the betterment of its community. Projects Overland works closely with Ministries within the Tanzanian Government, in the areas of Health and Education, to ensure that the support we provide to our projects is appropriate and effective. We also work closely with other Non-Government Organizations in our area to assist in fulfilling the needs of our community.


Our mission is to provide safe, affordable and rewarding volunteer experiences to people from all over the world who are drawn to contribute their time, skills and resources to the people of our community. We are committed to serving people in need in Arusha, Moshi , Zanzibar and surrounding areas, by supporting volunteers visiting our country.

Company Overview

Projects Overland is an organization that provides accommodation and support services to international volunteers visiting Arusha, Moshi and Zanzibar, and surrounding areas. The Projects Overland team members are both native Tanzanians and young people from abroad who are driven by the desire to help impoverished people within their community, to improve their standard of living in the areas of education, health, empowerment and access to resources.

Projects Overland appreciates the efforts and contributions of their volunteers and encourages that, as travelers, they should allow time for recreational activities and exploration of the wonders of Tanzania. Volunteers can plan day and overnight expeditions, through Projects Overland, which include wildlife safaris, rural cultural immersion programs, scenic exploration, and city tours. Projects Overland strives to provide their volunteers with all of the services needed to ensure that their Tanzanian adventure is one of the most meaningful, and memorable, experiences of a lifetime.

Our Vision

  • to provide safe and affordable accommodations and support to international volunteers
  • to send volunteers to local schools to teach English, Mathematics and Science
  • to send volunteers to local orphanages to assist with the care of children and teach English
  • to send volunteers to local hospitals and clinics in need of volunteers skills and resources
  • to promote communication and cooperation with other NGO’s to enhance services to the community
  • to contribute to the empowerment of native Tanzanians experiencing extreme poverty
  • to share and promote the wonders and culture of Tanzania with international guests
  • to alert attention to the needs of individuals within the community and encourage support from the global community

29 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks for liking my last post. I work with an NGO from the US that supports women and girls organization in Kilimanjaro region of TZ. We travel there once a year with a program called gbconnect. I would like to learn more about your organization! Please contact me when you can. In the mean time, check out globalbikes website globalbike.org



  2. It is great to visit and read through your website. It reminded me so much of my childhood, some of which I spent in Dar es Salaam. I appreciate that you took the time to visit our website, The Nahmias Cipher Report, and our efforts to highlight the positive and challenging issues facing the Continent and the people who live there. I plan on coming back to check out your site in the future. Continue the great work! ~ Ayanna Nahmias

  3. Why are your ‘vision’ & ‘mission’ so volunteer-focussed? Surely your company’s priority (and it is interesting that you describe yourselves as a company, not a charity/NGO) should be providing support to the people in need in the areas where you work, yet the first point in your ‘vision’ is about providing accommodation for volunteers, who presumably have perfectly safe accommodation already back home. Are you really taking any steps to provide long-term sustainable development solutions for the people in the areas in which you work, or are you really just about providing ‘gap yah’ experiences for wealthy young westerners?

    • Thanks for your criticism. First of all, we describe ourselves as a volunteer organization, not as a company. And of course the volunteers have safe accommodation back home, but we are not working back home, but here in Tanzania. And if you ever visited a country like Tanzania, you might know that there are safe and (very) unsafe places here. The people who want to donate their time and skills in our projects should live in a safe surrounding, because we don’t want to take risks for our volunteers. They don’t live in five star hotels, but in a local neighborhood. With “safe” we mean that the host families with who the volunteers stay, are not living in an area full of crime. The volunteers should not be afraid to walk from their home to the bus stop or to the placement.
      You also asked if we take any steps to provide sustainable development solutions. We support different projects (health centers, schools, orphanages, groups) which we don’t “own”/run ourselves. That means that we support existing projects with volunteers who bring in their skills and time and with money. But some of the projects, like the Maasai School, are operated through our church.
      So our contribution to the communities in need are new built projects and the support of already existing projects by skills, time and money.
      Our volunteers don’t steal the jobs of local Tanzanians. They help and assist and bring in their experience and skills, eg. new teaching methods, research, new medical methods or after-school activities. In the projects they work like a team and learn from each other. We want the volunteers to help in a sustainable way and not only play with kids for two weeks and then they disappear again. That is why we carefully chose the projects we support.
      Being a volunteer organization also means that we are the “middleman” between the people abroad (who want to help) and the projects here. Some people want to help, but don’t know how – so we show them ways and support them by organizing accommodation and placement. Also the projects here in Tanzania are often too busy and don’t have enough money to market themselves and look for volunteers. So they are really happy when we send them interested people who are willing to help them.
      I hope I could make myself clear. If you ave any more questions or concerns, I am happy to answer at any time.

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  5. Thank you for reading about the Servants of Charity and our work. I am going to forward a link to your website to our German Procura. Perhaps he can conceptualize ways to create working relationships between our organizations.

  6. Thank you for visiting my photo site and liking my image “Tanzania, 1984 – remembering the past”. I spent two years in Tanzania in the early 1980s and enjoyed a good, though occasional, relationship with the Anglican Bishop of Ruvuma, and a close relationship with Fr Agustin at the Catholic mission in Mahanje. That time had a great effect on me and remains with me, three decades later.

  7. Thanks for your interest in my post on the orangutans of Borneo. Your site is very intriguing; I’d love to have an opportunity to participate in your projects; I’m not sure I’d ever be able to afford airfare from Malaysia but I’ve already added this to my bucket list and since we’re retiring at age 50, who knows?

  8. Hope you had a laugh at our adventures driving from Cape Town to Dar – and back!! We did but sometimes a while after the (mis)adventure. Your project sounds excellent and needed. I shall tell my granddaughters. Tuta onana

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