KIWAKKUKI is a Kiswahili acronym (Kikundi cha Wanawake Kilimanjaro Kupambana na UKIMWI) for Women Against AIDS in the Kilimanjaro region. Founded in 1990 around the theme of World AIDS Day “Women and AIDS”, formally registered as an NGO July 1995 and complied with the NGO Act.24/2002 in February 2011. KIWAKKUKI works in all the 7 Districts of the Kilimanjaro Region where it is now considered the leading HIV/AIDS service provider. It is a women membership organization with 5460 women and about 133 men as honorable members in the groups and employees. The uniqueness of KIWAKKUKI is how women from different villages and households in Kilimanjaro Region formed groups and joined together and in one constitution.


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