Maranatha Orphanage

The orphanage, started in 2009, is located in a village called Hai in Moshi district and its primary language is Swahili with English being taught as the second language. Currently there are 11 children, but the plan is to accommodate 24 children in future. Most of them are between three and seven years old. The Maranatha Nursery School is housed in a rented church building, but a new building is in process. The orphanage raises 100 chicken which are sold to local hotels for meat to pay the nursery school teacher. They also grow maize and other vegetables.

Upendo Orphanage

Upendo Orpahange is maintained by Catholic nuns in Moshi and occupies 28 workers and around 60 children under seven years old, mostly even under three years of age. Most of the kids are orphaned by both parents or abandoned by their mothers and might even have disabilities which need special care. The orphanage also maintains a nursery school and a farm which provides food. Volunteers play with the kids, change their clothes and feed them. It is also possible to teach in the nursery school. The working day in Upendo normally starts at 9 am until 1 pm when the kids are going to the nap. In the afternoon, when the kids are awake again, the work continues. Especially volunteers who are interested in the social field are welcome here.


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