Montessori Orphanage and School

This Montessori school and orphanage is started and owned by Suzana Maziku. Suzana started the orphanage in 2006 with 2 kids only. The Centre accepts both Muslim and Christian children in the orphanage respecting everybody’s own religion and culture. In the nursery school there are 75 kids including the 35 orphans. To support the orphanage Suzana started also a nursery school. The orphanage is financed through the school fees paid by the children attending the Montessori school and donations. There is also an interest in environmental education. The school has recently started its own gardening project which has the purpose to cater for the center’s need for fruits and vegetables; currently tomatoes and beans are being grown. Organic materials are being composted. The children should learn how to participate in the gardening activities. Volunteers and interns can work in both orphanage and the nursery school. In the orphanage the volunteers/ interns can take part in the daily activities of the center and help in all kind of duties e.g. cleaning, cooking, playing with the kids and feeding them. In the nursery school interns and volunteers can help with the teaching. The kids are learning all kind of skills that are needed in the school for example alphabets, numbers, colors, days of the week, months etc.


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